Fire Horses Competition: WINNER

We have a WINNER!

A couple of weeks ago, we featured Fire Horses by Mark Piggott, with his publisher Legend Press giving away a signed edition of Mark's book for a prize for our competition.

To win you had to think of a song title that includes one or more of the words

Horse or Horses

And the winner is Jane Turley with:

Indoor Fireworks by Elvis Costello

Well Done Jane, a signed edition is on its way!


ice9web said...

very nice video the song are romantic ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mrs T. Now you can read the book and listen to the song at the same time :-)

Mike French said...

Alice Nice Concepts: Welcome to the magazine you can't beat a bit of Costello!

Jane Turley said...

Thank you PB. I must say a it was a thrill to actually win something.(Although I'm not sure that Mark will be so thrilled!) I can't recall ever winning much.. apart from a bowl of turkey pate during a church bingo session in about
1975. (It's an exciting life I've lead.)
I sincerelyhope Mike is planning a competition for your novel when it is published over here; I will pull out ALL the stops to win The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore! (I'm a cheapskate and don't want to spend the money I reserve for my choclate rations.)

Anonymous said...

If Mike does offer a copy for a prize, I'll have no objection to you winning a copy (cheapskate indeed!), as long as, in return, you promise to absolutely enjoy it and feel compelled to recommend it to all your friends and to buy copies as birthday presents, Christmas presents, house-warming presents ... You might even keep a couple of spare copies in your car, to discreetly tuck under the windscreen wiper of any vehicle that decides to challenge your car to a Battle of the Bumpers, like a consolation prize. I think this would be a nice gesture and (altruisticaly) offer these suggestions purely because it is a good thing to give presents at every opportunity, and not at all because I might stand to benefit from increased sales.

Whilst we're at it, let's get the tooth fairy to shove a book under the pillow instead of a coin. Money gets spent on lollies, whereas a good book (though uncomfortable to sleep on) will contribute to a more literate society. It could be the start of a movement, a Snowing and Greening revolution ...

*Hideous cackle, demonic organ music. Fade to padded cell.*

Jane Turley said...

I see you are in fine fettle this morning PB! But what shameless, shameless book promotion; I am aghast at the audacity!! Of course should should I ever complete my novel I would do no such thing. (Except for the ones I plan to hang on the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square) I assure you that should I be suitably impressed by The Snowing and Greening it will find its way into many a Christmas stocking - of course that is unless that melodic title turns out to be a cunning disguise for a cookery book and then of course it would have to be disposed off in a suitably hot fashion.

Of course, maybe Mike will place the book on nearby bench rather than have a quiz - I could do a 100metre dash. There might be some serious environmental consequences but it could be worth it to get a free copy!

Ps.. I like the idea of the consolation prize; my new car is a manual and I'm having a bit of a kangaroo time at the moment...