Editorial Shifts

NEWS: The Monday editorial piece is moving across to the weekly e-mail version of the magazine.

In the weekly edition you'll get the editorial, the last weeks articles together with the items from the news page all presented in one package.

Help on signing up for the weekly version:

  • Go to the side bar to the right to sign up for free.
  • Put your name and e-mail in the yellow boxes.
  • You will then receive an e-mail from Feedblitz within a couple of days to add you. The magazine will then be delivered to you every Sunday morning (UK time.)
  • To ensure that your subscription is not mistaken for junk mail, please add Feedblitz's email address FeedBlitz@mail.feedblitz.com to your safe list or address book.

On-line version:

Here on the on-line version you'll get the articles, interviews etc as they are posted plus the opportunity to interact with other readers and the writers of the articles themselves in the comments.

Help on making Comments:

  • If you decide to leave a comment as ANNON then remember to put your name in the body of the comment itself. Or better still, choose the Name/URL option. ( URL is your web or blog address if you have one - don't worry if you haven't: just leave this bit blank.)

  • Don't be put of by the letters that you will be prompted to type in as you leave your comment - they are to make sure you are human and not some computer program spamming the magazine! (It happens believe me.)

Hope you enjoy The View From Here which ever way you decide!


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