Week 1 Results of Hi Ho Books Away!

by The Lone Ranger

Men in Space by Tom McCarthy

Early Monday morning. I'm without my Indian and Silver is tied to the crash barrier in the pay 'n' display carpark. I make my way.

Book goes down well: nice sun-lit bench, plenty of people. No sign of guns. Drinking saloon shut.

Man near a bus stop gets straight to his feet as I leave. Walks past me as I make my get-away to watch the bench from a safe vantage point. He heads for the book. I glance back. Man sits down. He is middle aged, dresses smart with jeans. No spurs. He picks Men in Space up and starts to read.

I look at the shadow of the town clock on the cobbles. The sun is low: by my calculations it took 56 seconds from me leaving till the book being picked up. Admire the guy; he walked straight past me, bold as brass. Didn't say a word as he headed for it.

So here's my receipt for leaving Silver in the carpark. Will add it to my expenses.

Next Week : A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Another exciting adventure from me, the Lone Ranger!


Unknown said...

Bravo for the LR and for the guy who got right into Men in Space!

It's not as if he walked out of a shop without paying for it. As I remember--this was a long time ago, maybe preschool--we used to say:
Losers weepers; finders keepers.

The Lone Ranger said...

Arh Kathleen you wish to return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

They also said "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me."

I'm sure you writer people don't agree with that eh?

Till we meet again Kathleen.
Hi Yo Silver Away!

Anonymous said...

56 seconds, and the guy didn't call LR back to tell him he'd left his book behind? Not sure I'd want a book going to him. All the same, it's a great experiment and not a bad way to spread a little Lit. around the place.

Unknown said...

I'd forgotten that one, LR. Nothing hurts more than words! And, I've broken lots of bones, most of them in my right wrist after a maniacal experiment roller blading.

Give me wrist surgery and rehab without end over a few discouraging words.