Monday Editorial : May 26

It's bank holiday here in the UK today - which means rain of course!

O well , stuff the rain I'm looking forward to our James Meek interview coming soon. I finished his latest book We Are Now Beginning Our Descent last week and there will be a review of it to go alongside the interview. The verdict? You'll have to wait and see!

More on The View From Here this week:

The Lone Ranger has been out with the book, Two Carvans. This time he was involved in a high speed chase! His report will be in on wednesday.

A short fiction piece by our author Kathleen Maher, who has regularly brought us little gems in the form of under 500 word stand alone fiction. Together with her knack for adding an atmospheric image to her piece it's something I look forward to each week.
is featuring The View From Here for a month. If you want a classic from the past from the magazine, then you can find a 3-part interview with them here.

Have a great week. Hope the sun shows itself in your view of the world. And if you're starting to write your next bestseller then remember try not to open it, like this editorial, with a first line about the weather!

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