Monday Editorial : May 12

I don't know about you, but so far I'm having great fun here. So what's coming up?

Next week we launch our free weekly e-mail version of the magazine. So if you prefer to sit down for twenty minutes and browse through the weeks articles over a coffee ( and Muffin? ) then this will be the format for you. Register in the right hand side-bar and we'll add you to the mailing list.

And an advance reading copy of booker shortlisted author Tibor Fischer's new novel Good to be God has arrived at The View from ALMA Books, so look out for a review on that in the magazine before it hits the shops in September.

And he's back! Yes our Lone Ranger ( see previous article ) has carried out his mission and left his first book Men in Space by Tom McCarthy in a secret public location. Once dropped his brief was to withdraw and time how long it took before someone started reading it or walked off with it!
He's pretty excited and will bring us his report and first result on Wednesday. The time will then be added to our score board in our quest to find the fasted book to be picked up. Think the Stig in Top Gear with our Lone Ranger being the Stig - O look see below and you'll see who I mean.



Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Is there a hidden camera too?

Mike French said...

The Lone Ranger doesn't do techno Paul - sweat and blood kind of guy!

Unknown said...

Will the book lover risk feeling like a thief? Or it that part of the test?

Mike French said...

Kathleen - That's part of what makes it all interesting - the human dynamic - see the LR report on Wednesday to find out if this happened with the first drop!