Monday Editorial : Fab5

Who remembers the fifth Beetle?

Well we have our very own fifth beetle now as Naomi joins the "Fab 4" writing crew here at the magazine. We become the Fab 5!

Check out Naomi's profile in the "Crew Here" page and her own web-site here.

Naomi will be our resident artist bringing a brand new monthly cartoon created especially for the magazine. Look out for it here in the body of the magazine and also grouped together in "The View Cartoon" page.

Later this week we have an article from published author, Rosy Thornton, on the problems that happen when people make links between an author and their writing.

And coming in May: A competition to win £50 of Amazon Vouchers (or equivalent in dollars) to coincide with our press releases.

Happy days here at The View From Here.

Do tell us what the view from your perspective is - what you are writing or reading or an experience you've had recently in the writing world.

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