Monday Editorial : April 21

by Mike

This will be the first of a weekly editorial that I will bring each Monday to give an overview of what's happening and what's in the pipeline.

Last week things moved very fast with Paul, Stella, Kathleen & myself forming the new writing team for The View From Here. We are building the magazine around a blogging platform to encourage dialogue and community via the comments rather than just delivering a monologue to you.

The magazine will run so that you can drop in weekly for a browse over a coffee or daily if you prefer to get in amongst it and join in the discussions in the comments. We're going for quality rather than quantity so expect a high standard from us. Shout at us if we don't deliver!

And a line in the sand now at the start ...

A few years ago I was advised to keep my finger on the pulse of the writing world so I didn't become isolated as a writer. At that time I subscribed to a monthly magazine. Which was great. Apart from the bombardment of adverts in there for self-publishing. Now I have nothing against self-publishing: it can be very successful. But I think it needs careful consideration before embarking on and I felt a little uneasy at the balance of self-publishing adverts that were targeting often vulnerable writers desperate to give life to their work outside of their pc.

So here at The View From Here we will have no self-publishing adverts. Sorry guys, but sometimes to make a point you have to shift to one side of the spectrum. Instead we invite you into a safe environment where you can be entertained, informed and with Cornerstones helped to shine. Recently I asked award winning author, Julian Barnes, about new writers. This was his response:

I am in favour of young writers writing the best books they are capable of. And being protected against disappointment.

Okay so if you're my side of the line, you'll want to know what you can you expect from the magazine ...

Well I'll be bringing you book reviews and interviews with award winning authors.
Check out the previous post to get an idea of the flavour Paul will bring, as all his years of hard work pay off with his debut novel about to hit the shelves.
Stella will be adding articles on creative goals, inspiration and what it means to be a writer and Kathleen will be bringing her short original fiction to the magazine each week.

Add some competitions and our unique working relationship with Cornerstones into the mix and hopefully we'll end up with a distinctive friendly voice in the world of literary magazines.

So have a browse around, subscribe to the magazine for free to make sure you don't miss the buzz and let us know what you'd like to see here and how we can improve.


gary davison said...

Sounds great, Mike. I've been keeping a breast of things on Paul Burman's blog, and now take a leap onto this page. I buy a couple of mags a month on writing, mostly just to read about success stories, and like you say, to keep in touch with the literary world. Maybe I'll buy one less and spend a bit time at The View From Here. Great name, by the way, and best of luck with everything.

Mike French said...


Hiya welcome to The View From Here - and thanks. How is your book at Paperbooks doing?

gary davison said...

I'm in the same boat as Paul Burman at the moment, Mike. Just waiting to see how the new owners are going to go about things. My book was due out on February 11th but was delayed for one thing or another then put back until the new owners take over. So a little frustrating, but it's still nice to have it in the pipeline once you get over it not coming out when you first thought. Cheers for asking.

Mike French said...

Good luck with it Gary - let us know here when you get a launch date.

(To see what Gary is talking about click here)

gary davison said...

Will do, Mike. Cheers.

Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Mike,
I think you have a wonderful concept, and the creative means and ability to make this venture a success. here's to wishing you and your partners the best of luck!

The look and layout of your blog is professional and the writing is informative, clear, personal and great. You have a loyal reader here, and I look forward to more of this terrific and new "The View from Here" blog.

-Mike (M2)

Mike French said...

Thanks Mr Grudge (M2) - it's good to have a friend around - hope you get more time soon to input into your great blog "Mr Grudge" - always a "must do" weekly read for me.