Fab Four Form Writing Team for The View from Here

The View From Here now has an international writing team!

Mike, Stella, Paul & Kathleen

So get your dancing shoes on and celebrate!

Check out their profiles and links to their blogs here. Or just click on the The Crew Here tab at the top of the page.

All four will be contributing regularly and will shape the feel and look of the magazine.

Look out for an increase in a sense of community and interaction here as we prepare to bring the magazine to a wider audience with a wave of press releases.

Helen Corner, founder and Director of Cornerstones said of the magazine:

The View from Here is a fantastic opportunity for writers and book lovers to be informed and entertained in a personal, friendly atmosphere. Our job is to shape and launch writers to agents with a view to getting published, of which we’ve had considerable success. But not every writer is at that stage, so this is the perfect place for writers to learn from other writers and swap tips.

So do welcome the team on board!



Anonymous said...

Oh my God I cant beleive this... you are so lucky....
Cant wait to see you all in action apart from the cartoon...
btw which one are you Mike I am guessing George...
Well done to all of you..

Mike French said...

Hi Aussiecynic!

Guys can I be George? Paul you are obviously Paul and er Stella & Kathleen you are ... o dear - perhaps I should have said we were Bucks Fizz

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Mike and we've announced over at blogcatalog on the main board, at inspiration and as a broadcast to over 5,000 folk!!

GO! team GO!

**Where do we send our manuscript?**

Bwaaa aa aaaa!

Swubird said...


Sounds good. I'll be following their writing. You're a busy man.

Have a very nice day.

Mike French said...

GO! Smell the Flowers: Cheers JimnEm I think I owe you a pint!

Swubird: Thanks Mark - and you keep pretty busy yourself over at your nest!