Tom McCarthy at the Barbican: What is Art?

Tom McCarthy:

I'll be delivering my 'Red Paper on Terrestrial Art' to the Alien Affairs Committee of Mars, at the Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art in the Barbican Art Gallery, at 6.30 pm on Thursday March 20th.

It's free with entry to the exhibition Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, which is well worth seeing anyway.

For the purposes of the Red Paper, I'm agent 083TOM33McC5THY, who has infiltrated the London art world ith a view to reporting back exactly what 'art' is, how it operates etc.

The report is also published in the book accompanying the exhibition, 'Encyclopaedia of Terrestrial Life Volume VIII: Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art' (Barbican Art Gallery/Merrell Press 2008).

Sounds good. For more details visit here.

So what is art?

Let me know your view in the comments below!


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