Mark Stanton talks to The View From Here

Mark Stanton, or "Stan" is Paul Torday's agent. I asked him about working with Paul Torday and about Paul's new book, The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce, and he was kind enough to reply ...

Paul is an ideal client. He's assiduous and talented, takes constructive criticism well, and while he always takes a great interest in the publishing process is always happy - when push comes to shove - to leave key decisions to his publisher (who he has formed an excellent relationship with).

His new novel - IIOW - while dealing with darker issues than SALMON FISHING, is a joy to read. It retains the same humanity, imagination and interest in the world that marked out his debut, while showcasing a multi-faceted talent.

In IIOW, Paul has achieved something quite remarkable - to reveal his 'ending' at the novel's outset; then, whilst working backwards - chronologically - maintaining the reader's interest and giving them a deeply poignant and emotive ending.

It is, in my opinion, a superior novel to SALMON FISHING.

I have a huge respect for Paul and the way in which he tackles, and approaches, his writing. While he evidently loves to write there must always be days when it becomes a chore - yet, no matter what, Paul produces page after page - novel after novel - of wonderful work.

Thanks Stan.

Stan is part of Jenny Brown Associates visit them here.


Anonymous said...

This has been a treat from beginning to end, Mike, and I hope you do a lot more in a similar vein. Thanks for putting it together. :)

Mike French said...

Thanks Paul. Watch out for Tom McCarthy later this week!

And yes, I'm lovin this, there will be more after that!

angesbiz said...

Hey Mike! I popped in to say "Hi" as we seem to be missing each other at flowers. Hope all is well and at least pop in for another drink at the cheese board... LOL!

Now Tom McCarthy sounds familiar, perhaps I have read one of his books a while ago???

Have an awesome day!

Mike French said...

Heh Angesbiz


Yep see you there!

& I did a review of Tom's book a while ago, so maybe that's why he sounds familiar?