The Irresistible Competition: WINNER

Last week I ran a competition to win a hardback edition of The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce by Paul Torday.

Let me jog your memory:

TNMWWTTW is a mnemonic that Wilberforce uses to remember a dramatic incident in his life.

Come up with your own phrase to fit the letters above, like for example ...

The northward migrating whales will tickle their women.

Well there were some great entries, but one stood out above the rest as it was so damn clever. So well done JP33 with this as the winning entry ...

Talented narration mourning windfall whizzkid turned to wine.

(the 8 word synopsis) ;-)

A copy of Paul's book on its way. Nice one.



JP33 said...

Thanks very much Mike, I'm thrilled! :-) Personally, I loved the wombats and had great tightrope Tina images too.

Mike French said...

Yep they were all good! Well done mate, get in touch and let me know where to post the book to.

(Go down to "about me" in the sidebar my e-mail is there.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats & well deserved indeed!!

A great comp Mike, thanks.