Bridge to Certain Death

Getting your first novel into print. It's like taking your hunk of manuscript (lets call it an elephant) across a small bridge that separates you from the publishing world.

It takes a step of courage and faith and madness. You need to keep going even though the chances are the bridge will collapse and you'll plummet to your death.

But heh if a bit of imagination can get Horton over. Then who knows. And authors are good at imagination.

I think.

Just one more step.



Picture from Horton Hears a Who


Anonymous said...

Good Luck mate. Btw, whats the theme of your novel? Or is it confidential? :-)

Mike French said...

Hi Dubai Guy welcome to The View From Here!

My novel? No it's not confidential - the theme is reconcillation, love and family.

It involves taking one guy - who has supressed a tramatic memory - exploding that memory back into his mind and then sitting back and watching him unravel for 24 hours.

Fun eh!?

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. When should we expect to read it? How are things going so far? Have you finished writing it? :-)

Mike French said...

It's finished.

The first four chapters are available to read on-line ( See The Dandelion Tree tab at the top of the page.)

As to when it appears as a book?

Well I've been trying for quite a while now to get a publshing deal. I've decided not to self publish: people in the industry say it's good and of a standard to be published - to be honest it's just carrying on trying to land a deal without going crazy in the process!

Swubird said...


Great post. Isn't it so true. Breaking into the mainstream publishing world is just like walking across a narrow bridge, or a minefield. One false move, bang! Your book goes into the waste basket.

Just for grabs, what do you think about self publishing? Over the years I've read every revision of Dan Poynter's book on self publishing, and it seems like a good idea. But maybe costly.

Anyway, love your stuff.

Happy days.

Mike French said...


There are options for self-publishing that aren't that costly.

What do I think about that road? I think it's a personal choice. There are some good self-published books out there.

But back to the wall answer?

I would be cautious and someone who is thinking of self-publishing should be clear as to their reasons for doing so and honest with themselves as to what they are likely to achieve sales wise.

Anyway glad you enjoy the view here. Happy days indeed :-)

Swubird said...


Just a follow-up:

I know an elderly lady who wrote and self published a book about the Black Dahlia murder case. Evidently her father was connected to the case. I think he was a psychiatrist. Anyway, right after her book appeared on the Borders Bookstore shelves, a rash of books on that subject came out which generated a renewed popularity on the subject. Talk about luck. I don't if she made much money. I don't even know if that was her goal. It was just interesting the way things came together.

Have a nice day.

Mike French said...

Thanks for that Swubird: tis a strange world!