Paul Torday Week at The View From Here

Well this week it is Paul Torday week at The View From Here.

Paul Torday is the award winning author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce.

Watch him here:

So what's in store?

Well a post each day this week.

Later today: A review of Paul's new book, The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce.

Tuesday: Competition Time with a chance to win some prizes!

Wednesday toThursday: Parts 1 to 2 of my interview with Paul Torday where he talks about his new book, writing and drinking wine!

Friday: I talk to Paul's agent, Mark Stanton about his work.

It's going to be good.

See you later for the review of Paul's new book. In the meantime here is some comments from the critics:

"Remarkably, given the bleakness of both subject and hero, it is an incredibly good read."

Marianne MacDonald DAILY TELEGRAPH

"grows more and more poignant as the novel progresses.. satisfyingly full-bodied and slips down a treat."



Helen Ginger said...

Interesting video interview. I look forward to more about Paul.

Anonymous said...

Great taster, Mike, in preparation for a week of Paul Torday at The View From Here. You've certainly whet my appetite. Bring it on!

Mike French said...

Helen Ginger: O yes tis going to be good Helen.

Paul Burman: Would you like some Bordeaux with your meal here sir?