Mike goes to the Movie Premiere of Go! Founders Film

Wow, I'm out of my shed and at the Hollywood premier of the GO! Smell the Flowers Film.

It was amazing and I saw Renée Zellweger, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba.

Had to go back into my shed though when Jessica said she thought it was boring.

To see the whole film at GO! Smell the Flowers, click here.



Anonymous said...


Red carpet please,

Flowers comin' thru!

Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Hi Mike, I watched your movie this morning at Flowers and I have to say it was a fun and informative project. I learned all about all twenty Flowers founders. you're a creative, guy, Mike. That's something to be proud of. Cheers, mate! Mike 2.

angesbiz said...

Love the red carpet Mike! You are truly talented... what more can I say?


angesbiz said...

... oh! I think you are winning the race!!

Mike French said...

Go!Smell the Flowers:

Stand aside for Jim & Em please!

Mr Grudge:

Glad you were entertained and informed at the same time, that was what I aimed for. Thanks M2, be popping over to you again soon, been a busy week!

Mike French said...

Angesbiz: Thanks Wonderwoman! Come on use your superpowers.

Jones. Bridget Jones. said...

What a great 'montage'! You my friend are awesome in IT!

Mike certainly deserves a bouquet for this Jem!!

Swubird said...


I watched both clips. Fantastic. Scene changes, lighting, continuity, all excellent. You are an artist! By the way, Renee was sure looking good.

Have a nice day.

Mike French said...

Bridget Jones: Thanks you were great in the film, were you nervous during the shoot? LOL

Swubird: Thanks and yes Renee is great, I was glad she did an interview with me whilst out of my shed!

Paul Burman said...

You're having way too much fun, Mike!

And why not? That's the way it should be. Love the pieces you're putting together---I'm having great fun watching them all. Cheers.

Mike French said...

Paul: Thanks but don't let people know I'm having fun. It's really hard work that I force myself to do for the good of Flowers!