Flower Smellers Awards

Well as one of the Founders at GO! Smell the Flowers, I get to award 5 people the Flower Smellers Award.

Be thankful it is me and not Vic Reeves presenting this community award ...

Want to see what you get?

This badge serves to acknowledge others who are, in their own way, smelling the flowers. They maybe regular visitors to GO! Smell the Flowers, The View From Here or someone that could contribute at Flowers and who is yet to visit! Maybe they have recovered from an illness, written a book, made waves in the blogosphere, won the lottery, made a major shift in their life, won promotion, quit the rat race, raising a family, discovering their greatness and on it GO!s as more examples from around the world start to surface.

So (drum roll) I'd like to present the honorary title of Flower Smeller to the following 5 people. (Get off Vic)

1) Emma French: She's my better half and can be found smelling the flowers site during her lunchbreaks. I won't say anything more so not to embarrass her, but it's enough to say she carries on with a GO! attitude in the fiercest of storms. I'm glad we're in the boat together.

2) Paul Burman: He's finally made it with his sixth book, The Snowing & Greening of Thomas Passmore which is published next month, by Paperbooks. Persverance and hard work and a belief in what you are doing is Flower smelling stuff. Well done Paul.

3) Stella Carter: She writes a blog called StellaScript,likes Haiku and has a good sense of humour. She currently is "facing the challenge of filling out (her) profile." GO! make it a good one Stella!

4) Dawn at AntiBarbie.net, who when she won a writing competition spent the winnings on her kids.

5) Kathleen Maher who as a young mother, wrote while her children napped, and had some early success getting short stories published. She then began working on novels, which "has been a solitary occupation and so far fruitless, at least in terms of publication, " but has keep going and found life and awards in the blogosphere for her book, "Diary of a Heretic".

You 5 can now GO! award this badge to 5 other flower smellers of your choice! All I ask is when you do you contact Go! Smell the Flowers and let us know the 5 you choose so we can add them to the Flower Smeller section of this community and people don’t award the same folks.

Here are the list of rules to the blogs you are tagging for flower smellers:

1. If you are awarded the flower smeller badge then pop the flower smeller badge up at your blog and award it to 5 others by writing a post with links to the 5 blogs or websites that you choose.

2. You can award this badge to a maximum of 5 people per month from now until eternity as and when you come across more flower smellers.

3. Link your post to where the award started over at Go! Smell the Flowers so people can find their way to Go! Smell the Flowers community.

4. Proudly display the Flower Smeller award with a link to this post announcing your award.

5. All flower smellers - be prepared to be approached to write a 500 word account of yourself to feature in our 2009 book - The Flower Smellers that some of founders will be featuring in - here’s a few examples we prepared earlier, in PDF format for now over at The Flower Smellers page. As badges are awarded we’ll add you to our blogroll of ‘Flower Smellers’ and also include the links in the page, the flower smellers.

So, there we have it! Please accept your award here in comments and then award it to 5 other flowers smellers of your choice - when you’ve awarded the badge do remember to contact Flowers with the details.

Now get off the stage Vic!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike - and thanks for not embarrassing me

Can you post my badge here - as I am blogless :-)

Glad I'm in the boat with you too. You make it bearable.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mike. Awards always make me happy and this one especially does. I'm posting the badge, with a link, on both blogs and will certainly find five worthy bloggers to tag. The post will appear late Sunday night on my Reviews & Memes blog: http://diaryofaheretic.blogs.com/diary_of_heretic_memes/
Writing 500 words about almost anything, but definitely about myself, never gives me pause.
But tagging five more bloggers for Go Smell the Flowers every month?
I'll do what I can. Making connections with other bloggers, other people, takes me time. And when I do? A quick scroll down a solid blogger's sidebar almost invariably already boasts a Go Smell the Flowers badge. You're the best.

Mike French said...


Hiya chuck, you want an area on my blog!?

Do you want your award on a virtual IKEA shelf. Perhaps with some fresh flowers and some Hello magazines?

Mike French said...


Thanks very much! I look forward to seeing who you award the badge to.

And inspiring stuff you've achieved by being a semi finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. Nice one.

Check it out folks Here

Anonymous said...

Wow! First an amazon gift card and now this. I am having a good week for sure, despite all this dreadful snow. :)

Thanks again. I'll be sure to put up this badge soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all and great choices Mike,

You can award the flower smeller badge as and when the urge takes you guys, it doesn't have to be every month, week or year-just as and when!

We'll add these wonderful folk to the special blogroll at GO! Smell the flowers, called Flower Smellers and you'll all be considered for our 2009 book where we'll invite 100 of you to tell us about your flower smelling lives in a 500 word account.

There's a few examples in the Flower smellers section of the community and over the next few months we'll be ramping up to a full blown community!

All these flowers, wonderful, enjoy passing the award on folks...

Cheers & Group Hugs,

Vic n Bob,


Jim & Em

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Mike. You're a generous bloke. And am I embarrassed? Yep.

But a little embarrassment never did anyone too much harm, so thanks again.

Mike French said...

AntiBarbie: Nice one, keep warm!

Vic n Bob : Yeah Go! Flower smellers.

Paul: Heh you deserve it mate.