Submission to Flicking Lizard

Sent off a submission of The Dandelion Tree to new publisher Flicking Lizard last week. Flicking Lizard is a new small publisher run by an Australian Mark Boccalatte, who has emigrated to England.

This is not him:

But it a lizard.

Read an interview with him (no not the lizard) here.

Will let you know how it goes.



Stella said...

You're funny (as in "ha ha", not as in "weird").

Mike French said...


Thanks and you were quick, posted this about a minute ago!

chica said...

Haa.. :) Good luck with the publisher.

JenWriter said...

Good luck! Or Break a Pencil, if you prefer.

Mike French said...

chica: Thanks, certainly need lots of luck!

jenwriter: LOL & thanks

Michael J. Kannengieser said...

Hi Mike,
Good luck with the submission!

Mike French said...

Thanks Mr Grudge


Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Always brings a smile Mike.

Please pass onto the lizard (or the publisher) (or both) that Mandy's Purple13 artworks and stock photography are readily available for licenced use.

We always thought they'd make great book covers!!

Ooh its so nice being able to use the PC again. Thanks for the Mozilla tip (from one lizard to another eh?).


Mike French said...

Hi Jonathan my flower founder buddy! Good to see you here and no worries re the firefox tip.

Jonathan is talking about this folks.