And now on BBC2

And now on BBC 2 a newsflash:

Mark Boccalatte from Flicking Lizard has contacted Mike French to tell him that his submission of his book, The Dandelion Tree, looked interesting.

Initial reports suggest that Flicking Lizard will request a full manuscript to look at sometime in March.

Other news:

Flower smellers are confounded in a Spot the Odd One Out dilemma. See here for a full report.

And now on BBC2 the semi-final of episode 3 of "Kierkegaard's Jounals", staring Richard Chamberlain, Peggy Mount and Billy Bremner.

On BBC1 Ethel the frog.


Stella said...

Good luck! :))

Btw, does this mean I get to show-off that I met you before you got famous?

Mike French said...

LOL Stella that will be the day!

Stella said...

Holy flashback, Batman!

Nice vid :)

Paul Burman said...

Back online after a brief absence and wishing you all the very best for your submission of 'Dandelion Tree', Mike.

PS. Can't get over how busy you've been in the last ten days. Gob-smacked!


Mike French said...

Thanks Paul, saving my money up now for the postage costs of sending an entire manuscript!