And now on BBC1

Good evening.

Frogs on the BBC:

"It was a very nice surprise when I stopped by my office on the way back from Heathrow (from a shoot filming very big frogs fighting in S. Africa!) and found your email saying I'd won."

Who's this?

Only, rdb, the winner from the Cornerstones competition last month, who we have been hunting for since the 18th Dec so that we can give them their prize.

So who is this winner known only as rdb?
And how did we find him?

I wasn't sure when Helen picked a winner we couldn't contact, but (wisely!) she suggested we stick with her choice and give it a few weeks to try and contact them.

I explored possible avenues. WriteWords searched in vein through their data base. Finally I asked Helen to e-mail her author list after I noticed rdb made his winning comment on the day she e-mailed about the competition and her interviews.

And that's when we got him.
Ha. You can run rdb, but you can't hide!

Hi Kathryn

Thanks for the report which I will print out and take home to read (I'm literally stopping by the office now on the way home from South Africa.)

Also - I'm rather surprised to tell you that rdb was me.

Best wishes

And who is Rupert? Well he's a producer of wildlife documentaries at the BBC. Well, when he's not reading this blog anyway!

"I enjoyed reading all those crisp and thoughtful responses to the question and I clicked onto the website far too often when I should have been doing my day job."

And what did he think of the prize, which was Helen & Lee's Book?

"I've now read Helens book almost cover to cover and what a great prize it is. If that doesn't kick me onto a higher plane of writing nothing will."

And a word from Helen Corner:

"What a lovely response from Rupert. Thanks, Rupert! And thanks, Mike for organising the competition, and thank you Louisa for sending Rupert a copy of our book."

Well done Rupert.
Wonder what you are doing now?
Last month he was watching footage he had shot of Komodo Dragons attacking buffalo.
Watch out for it on BBC1
And over on BBC2 watch the semi-final of episode 3 of "Kierkegaard's Jounals", staring Richard Chamberlain, Peggy Mount and Billy Bremner.


Anonymous said...

You cant beat a bit of Python Mike!

When's your next comp? We'll glaldy announce on your behalf to the gang at blogcatalog - just let us know when,

On BBC 1 or BBC 2 - oh it seemed so impressive back then with the rolling globe! Always gutted when 'closedown' came on and were left with a beep.

Mike French said...

Hi Jim & Em

Yep Python: you've got to love them!

and thanks re the offer to help with the next comp: new one coming soon!
Time for closedown on BBC1now

Jones. Bridget Jones. said...

Mike, 'frogs on BBC' got my attention! Thought it was going to be a critic of the French! After Madame Bovary mate...! ;)

I'm not sure I got everything in that post, but BBC has certainly impressed Bridget ha!

Hey, Bridget, the very same, would like to invite you to her diary :) If you'd like that, let me have your e-mail please and I'll send you an invite.


Mike French said...

Hi Bridget

That would be great, e-mail on its way and thanks for dropping by!

O and when the good Bridget said:

"Thought it was going to be a critic of the French! After Madame Bovary mate..."

she was talking about this.

aussiecynic said...

Hi Mike you are turning into a regular detective... well done...
and a great post....

Great comp you are running....
and impressive readers...
Well done...


Mike French said...

Thanks Aussie Cynic

I model my detective skills on this great man.