Agents and Swedish Dogs Save the World

A new Year!

What was I doing last January?

O yes ...

I was approaching specific agents with a view to them taking me on with my book, The Dandelion Tree. Here's what happened with one agent, who is part of a large well known UK agency ...

Bit nervous, but I picked up the phone to try and talk to ------- to discuss my work. They were recommended as an agent who might be interested in my stuff, by someone in the industry. I had checked his web-site out and read some debut novels by authors he had on his books and he did seem to like stuff that was off centre slightly.

Couldn't get through the receptionist to them. Instead asked to be put through to their assistant.
Great, had a chat and sent a synopsis and first three chapters care of the assistant to the agent, explaining that I have only sent it to him and one other agent.
Made a cup of coffee.

Weeks pass.

Tum te tum.

Send a polite e-mail to the agent, checking he had received my submission.

Tum te tum.

Weeks pass.

Phone the assistant just to check that the agent received my submission.
"Hold on."
"It's on his desk now, you should hear something in a few days."
"Great, thanks."

Weeks pass.

Swish, thud.
Arh, my submission.
I open it, probably a rejection as he has used my SAE.

Yes a standard rejection with the returned manuscript.
Not right for them.
Fair enough.

Thing is I don't remember being:

A Swedish
B A girl
C To have scribbled some drawings of a dog with fleas with a story about how it gets rid of them to save the planet

I ring the assistant.
"O, sorry."
"It's just that I'm concerned my stuff is winging its way to a woman in Sweden."
"No, I can assure you it's not, he still has it."
"Right, that's a relief, was worried for a moment there."
Send e-mail to the agent just to clarify.

Weeks pass.
Tum te tum.

More weeks pass.

Ring the assistant.
"Er, no sorry haven't you heard from us? No we would have looked at it by now. No it would have been a no."
"Thank you." ( Silently mutter: That's because my submission rejection is in Sweden isn't it?)

So there we go. A true story.
I'm really hoping I get a bit further this year with getting my book published!


Photo credit: tefeari (Modified: The pic of the dog and fleas is to a similar standard as in the submission: I kid you not!)


Unknown said...

A very Happy New Year to you Mike!!!

Mike French said...

Heh, my mate Amber is back. Yeah. Happy New Year to you as well!

Helen Ginger said...

So sorry that happened Mike. Not funny to you, of course, but it is funny to your readers. It's all in the telling, of course.

Mike French said...

helen ginger:

Funny but true and I'm over it now after 12 months of counseling!

Anonymous said...

Simon Trewin, right?

Jane Turley said...

Wow, that is a sorry tale Mike! I guess if your MS is rejected you at least want to feel someone's taken the time to read it properly and record who sent what - which you don't get with an episode like that. Frustrating to say the least.

But I have to say; I want to read about that Swedish dog saving the planet! Sounds riveting! I suspect the fleas mutate into some giant, nit comb wielding, law enforcenment officers who taken on the might of the Alien Headlice Army....

Never mind Mike. As they say "Things can only get better." (Well not under Brown but finger's crossed anyway!)

Mike French said...

Well Anon I couldn't possibly comment :-)

Stella said...

Ironically, if you wrote this as a fictional story, people would probably think you were exaggerating.