It's all about Mike

Ange from Buzzing with Ange & a fellow Go!SmelltheFlowers writer, tagged me with a meme called It's all about Me.

I thought it was a good chance to have a bit of fun!

So get some popcorn, put your feet up and watch the film of the interview:

And now to tag some blogs to carry on the meme:

First up: Mr Grudge from New York, who says:

"Welcome to Mr. Grudge, the place to talk about writing. Writing is a craft which must be learned, practiced and honed so one day you might accidentally produce a work of art."

Second : Helen Ginger from the USA, whose latest post on her blog Straight from Hel is Self Publishing: A Cautionary Tale.

And third: Brigid who lives in Minnesota and writes and draws the cartoon strip, Mary Quite Contrary, with the tag line: Growing up has never been so surreal.

So you three ... TAG you're it!

There there go into the distance, another set of taggers released.

That was fun!



angesbiz said...

Hey Mike! I just love this response that you made. It must have been fun from the looks of things... and what's the "snuggle" thing anyway? I don't remember asking that ;)

Cheers, Ange from Buzzing with Ange!

Mike French said...

Thanks Ange

I changed your question about

"snuggling on the web"
"struggle with on the web"

I thought the first question was a bit to personal.


Helen Ginger said...

Hi Mike. Thanks for tagging me for this meme. You're making me think! Which I will do over the weekend and post my list on Monday. Interesting questions.

Mike French said...

Helen Ginger: Ace, will look forward to reading it!

Brigid said...

^_^ I posted the meme. I didn't do a video, though. lol

Mike French said...


Hiya, no vid, but a great post, enjoyed reading your interview.

Helen Ginger said...

Hi Mike. I posted the meme this morning. This made me really think about blogging!
Happy Monday, Helen from Straight From Hel

Mike French said...

helen ginger:

Happy Monday to you, going there now to read your answers!