The Freedom to Fly

I need the freedom,
My sky is set.
My wings are clipped,
I am cast like a net.

The sea rages below,
A song barbed with wit.
Dash all the clocks,
Light the wick.

I touch her fingers,
She tips her head.
Laughter spins,
From mounting dread.

What does it matter?
Her eyes meet mine.
They shimmer as we enter,
take to the sky.

Mike French
Nov 07

Photo Credit: jgwat


Mr. Grudge said...

Hi Mike,
As I read others who write poetry, i am reminded at how awful mine is. This is a terrific piece, as you emote hope, and yet restraint at the same time "I need the freedom,
My sky is set.
My wings are clipped"

I like this. Thanks. -Mike

Bridget Jones said...

Nice one Mike, bravo. U feel like the sun is going to shine through the dark clouds at anytime now!

But tell me, is there somehting else there..? "My wngs are clipped". Is that to say a stay-at-home dad's world gets a bit constrained at times..??

In another blog world Bridget does poetry too :)

Mike French said...

mr grudge:

Thanks, I have only written a few poems and don't really know what I'm doing, but I am trying it from time to time on my blog, so glad you liked.

bridget jones:

Heh, good to see you here! Arh so another poet then?

I read recently that you should never ask a poet what his poem means!


A good poem means different things depending on how it connects with the reader, what it evokes, resonates etc


The poet might not be sure what it means, it is just disjointed dribble


It is to personal and the poet becomes embarrassed!

So I'll let you decide which one of these it is in this case!

All, I will say is, don't assume because I use "I" it is to do with me!
(I am after all, also an author!)


lessno said...

great photo! and the words are very very nice!