Community Blogger Award

Aussie Cynic awarded me the Community Blogger Award yesterday. Thanks AC! And I love my awards so much I've put it up at the Tate gallery. ( See above)

The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blogs readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It’s the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested.’

So time to pass on the Award to:

Check out their blogs!

Photo Credit (Modified!): Bitrot


VampireFaust said...

Thank you for the award!

Black_Mamba said...

Wow. Congrats on the award ;)

Mike French said...

thanks black_mamba

and no prob vampirefaust, you're welcome!

Emily Suess said...

Congrats to you, Mike, and thanks for passing it along to me at TWH! :)

Mike French said...

two write hands:

You're welcome!

mynameislina said...


Sorry that it took me quite sometimes to notice that you're passing the award to me....Thanks A lot!!! ;p

Mike French said...


No prob