An Armed Response to Proof Reading

Proof Checking is not like:

You can go over your work time and time again, but typos are not soft bodied perps like in the clip above; they're hard and they refuse to die! Flick through later and there they are still smiling at you.

Don't know how to kill them. Best I can do is offer some tips:

1 Get a fresh pair of eyes to check the manuscript
2 Find someone who has a skill in this area to check it for free for you, say a local college
3 Do not trust a spell checker. This thing is not your friend. Most are sentient and have evolved so that they get a perverse kick out of tripping you up with typo suggestions.

I have placed my book in the middle of the street and have called the Police Rapid Response Unit.

They will be armed.
They will arrive in a car.
My typos are going to die.

Ha ha ha

I'm going for a lie down now.


This post was brought to you with the help of Blogger's inbuilt proof checker

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