For the first part of see my post on Thursday, 6 September 2007: The Narrow Path to Publishers.

Well finished my foray into the world of Quite enjoyed it, had to read lots of extracts from other authors some not so good, some brilliant.

Overall The Dandelion Tree got the following rating:

Specific scores were:

The best position achieved in their chart was 22 out of 75.

The marks were compiled from 8 reviews.

One review listed in my previous post on YouWriteOn which didn't like the book turned out to have scored me one star on almost everything, which I queried with YouWriteOn and they deleted that review and score from the book.

Scores from people who state a preference for literary fiction :

In both cases the lowest score is the plot. Unfortunately the scores are done on the first three chapters, and the plot doesn't clearly emerge in my book until later.

Here are 2 comments that I found useful:

"I was completely taken with this. The writing is flawless, the imagery way up and beyond anything I could write. The prologue alone (especially the first paragraph) stands to be read and reread again and again as beguiling poetry. The idea of the dancing train carrying the overfed buttocks, the alarm clock made of sheets of paper... all wonderful. I am afraid my knowledge of the Old Testament is so rusty I missed out on most of the "significance", but I would not dare mark you down. A quite magical read which I am afraid many reviewers may dispute as it does not cut to any chase, and it doesn't do it fast enough. All 4s and 5s from me. One slight quibble. Lightening should be lightning. Or, again, perhaps I am missing something."

"This is beautiful prose written by a passionate writer who is seriously interested in The Bible; I gave up counting at Bible-reference #16. This alone is worhy of a bestseller, but the rest gets confusing. I can see that the writer is trying to create a sub-genre of his own, and he will almost certainly find a select audience for it; but I was waiting for a tighter thread to connect these colourful strands of story. I didn't mind the coincidences - Isaac and Jane work for Tamarisk, are on the same train and begin a conversation...yes, it could happen; but for my taste the story is not driven forward fast enough. Lots of beautiful words with seemingly no connection, and the story progress is hindered by seemingly unrelated events. I am obviously not a professional critic, and would ask you to take my words with a pinch of salt. Good luck with your project."

So there we go.

I would recommend this to other writers, it was fun and gave me some useful feedback on my work as to what type of audience will like it.



Unknown said...

Hey congratulations - the reviews are quite positive. Wishing you all the best!

Mike French said...

Thanks Amber!

GeorgieBuns said...

Only problem with this site is that they don't seem to distinguish between the gender of their reviewers. I am a female who has written a book about a young girl's coming of age, aimed at a female readership. I have had twelve good reviews, but all by men. This limits the usefullness of the website for me.

Mike French said...

Hi Georgiebuns:

I'll feedback your comments to the You Write On team.

Good luck with your book and thanks for dropping by!