Waterstone's & The Iron Bridge

I walked into Waterstone's this afternoon, clutching a wad of business cards promoting the blog of my book, The Dandelion Tree. Want to be a fly on the wall? Come on then ...

I stood looking at the back of the neck of the customer before me.
Come on.
I felt my stomach flip like a dolphin spinning for fish. I'll blog this, I thought. That seemed to legitimise the blip in the flow of cash into the till I was about to cause.
Come on.
I had got my courage up already upstairs. They sent me downstairs.
I looked at the beautiful assistant standing behind the desk. Glancing around I could see nothing that suggested they placed anything remotely like my card anywhere in the shop. I was going to look a fool. Get out now before they start laughing.
"Hello, can I help you?"
Here we go.

"Yes, Upstairs sent me here, I asked if you could place my cards anywhere. They sent me down here to ask for Nigel."

"Nigel just popped out," said the assistant. "I can help you."
"O great, " I said, trying to hide the wobble in my voice. "I'm a local author and I have a blog that talks about the publishing world and writing and er," (the wobble rose up and shook my brain so that for a moment it forgot to send any messages to my mouth) "... it also showcases my book."
I looked at the celeb cookbooks. They looked large enough to hide behind.
"Sure," said the assistant, "We'll place them here." She set down my stack of cards next to the till. "We'll put them into customers bags for you. What kind of book is it, so we know which customers?"
"Literary fiction," I said looking at her as my adrenalin hammered out my wobbles into an iron bridge of confidence connecting me to the now wonderful as well as beautiful assistant.
"Well, thanks very much," I said and floated out of the shop.

Ever had a nice surprise when you thought you were about to be custard pied?

Top marks to Waterstone's, thank you very much.

Please take a card.



Anonymous said...

How cool is that? Excellent news! Hardly worth getting in a sweat over, eh? :)

mynameislina said...

Goodness that is awesome...which waterstone is that? You'll be famous in no time :)

Lynda Lehmann said...

Good job! Hope all your cards are gone in a week!

Mike French said...

Steve: Funny how your confidence can drain away so fast in a new situation!

Sexy in Red: My local Waterstones in Luton, UK. Luton has a population of about 184,000 and apart from WH Smiths, Waterstones is the only major bookshop. Although I should say there is a good shop in Dunstable nearby called The Book Castle, which also agreed to place my cards.
(Check them out at http://www.book-castle.co.uk/)

Lynda: Thanks, hope they find good homes and not the bin!

Anonymous said...

by the way, thanks for the link Mike!

Mike French said...

No problem Steve, love your site!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Mike. Good on yer. Have been thinking about printing a batch of business cards and something similar to Avant cards myself and you've given me new enthusiasm for it. Do you have Avant cards in the UK or is it a singularly Australian phenomenon? They're basically postcards advertising films, festivals, etc, which are displayed in carousels in some city shops. People just help themselves ... because they like collecting them, but it's good advertising. Gets the word around, I guess.

Mike French said...

Paul: No never heard of Avant cards, sounds a good idea. Haven't seen them here in the UK. Good luck with getting something done yourself, glad I've motivated you!