The View From Here wins Blogger Award.

Wow ... The View From Here has picked up a thinking blogger AWARD.


Thanks to Go! Smell the flowers for the nomination.

I'd like to thank ...
O right. No speeches apparently, sorry kids.

So what is the award about?

Thinking Blogger was started by Ilker Yoldas at The Thinking Blog, with the premise “Too many blogs, not enough thoughts!”

I am happy (okay I punched the air on the way to taking the kids to school, but don't tell anyone okay?) to accept the award and now I get to nominate five other blogs who I think deserve to win the award as well.

A moment. The power! I could sell them to the highest bidder?


Okay these are my five blogs in no particular order:

1) Two Right Hands

Who says follow my blog and one day say "you knew me when." Or you could just point out my typos.

2) Eternal Vigilance

Fellow author Gabrielle Faust who has her first official reading from her book Eternal Vigilance on July 12th in Austin, Texas.

3) Distilled Publishing

Author shares his interest in the history of Portland ...

I was about 25 when I was first taken to the Mission Theater. I saw the movie Fight Club, enjoyed a couple pints of Ruby along with some nachos, and spent much of the time before the film staring around the place wondering how many other historical buildings there might be in this town that I have yet to visit.

4) The Ranting Willow

Check out Willow's Fiction Fridays.

5) Writing True

Honest, good uninhibited writing.

Check these blogs out they're great.

I'm off to the after the awards party now. Happy me. Hick.


VampireFaust said...

Wow! Thank you so much for nominating the "Eternal Vigilance" site for a Thinking Blogger award! :) I accept!

Writer said...

Gosh Mike...Thanks! I humbly accept.

I strive to create a clear, straight-forward good read, varying the topic, relying on interesting the reader. I don't advertise or offer goods, so all I can say is thank you readers!

I might also add that I have previously read all the blogs you nominated, and I whole heartedly recommend them all. Good choices!


~willow~ said...

Many thanks for the award, Mike! I'm glad my Fiction Friday entries have resonated with you, and hope these and my other topics also serve to make readers step back and just *think* :-)


An Inconsistent Writer said...

Congratulations on the award.

I just wanted to leave a note to tell you how much I like your blogsites - heaps - and that I'll be back to read up some more. You really do deserve "Thinking Blogger" kudos.

Well done!
cheers - TrishA

Unknown said...

Hey congrats... so 4 diggs to go for chapter 2!

Emily Suess said...

Thank you! :) All the blogs you selected are excellent!