Showcase: Filmmaker & Screenplay Writer Brian Hutton

Brian is a really good friend of mine and I am delighted that he has agreed for his award winning screenplay of The Fisherman to feature in my blog.

Brian graduated from the media Department of the University of Bedfordshire (UK) and has had a fascination with cinema since he was young. He has completed two feature scripts and is the process of completeing another. He has produced three films: The Rage, Hoodie & Public Interest.

Rage has been shown at filmstock with Public Interest and Hoodie showing this year. Public Interest is also awaiting confirmation to show at the angel film festival in London.

Interested in emphasing the spritual side of the human condition in his stories, Brian says

"I have been writing stories, scripts and poems for some years now (while making the odd short film or two in between) , if you ever want to open someone’s head and heart and have a peak, please have a read, you get The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, though not necessarily in that order. You have been warned."

The Fisherman

The Fisherman won Screenplay of the month at


A Scottish fishing community devastated by a fishing accident in which the islands children are lost. Hugh the captain of the boat who survived, is racked by guilt. Until mysterious and amazing incidents restore his faith and the communities.

If that is not enough, Brian is also a poet. Here is a sample of his work:

Fire Pulse

Rush to the head.

The fire pulse ignites.

Heart beating the flames.

Your presence, kindling.

Your eyes flame in my direction.

And I am burning.

Crash Test Love

Was it fate?

Was it Karma?

Was it destiny?

Or was it a complete accident

When I fell in love with Thee.

Was it a gentle bump?

Was it ships passing in the night?

Or Titanic hitting the iceberg

Broken in it’s might.

Was it loves young dream?

Cupid’s arrow from above.

Or is it just another case..

Of crash test love.

Asleep on Duty

Guarded my heart should be.

No uncontrolled passions breaking free.

Vigilance never stops.

‘Escape, Escape!!!’ the guard it cries.

The heart had broken free,

It’s jumped into infatuations boat

And is headed out to sea.

They watch as passion reaches land

And is broken on the rocks.

It swims back tired and bruised

And it’s prison door’s again once locked.

Guarded my heart should be.

Wrong passion in pain will reap.

My hearts guard should be alert

And never on duty be asleep.

Brian can be contacted via this site. Please e-mail or leave a comment for details.

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