Location: Desert island: Lush, hot, a paradise.
Initial Task: Write that cracking novel. The one that turns the world.
Duration: 3 years.
Final Task: Awaiting instructions.

06 June 2007

Have survived 3 years on the island now. Learnt how to fish, cook, build shelter. Survive. My initial task is now complete. Well it's inside my head. Had to burn the paper on the second day, to get the fire going.
Have had a bit of a problem with the natives. They tried to eat me. Neighbours can be such a pain.
Been thinking/going mad - is that the same thing? - why the hell did I accept this task? I had a normal life, the 9 to 5. I guess something about the advert appealed to me. Can't remember what that was now.

My beard scratches. I hate it.

So I found out the final task this morning. The bottle washed up on the beach. They must be watching me. Part of me groaned at a message in a bottle. Part of me was filled with glee.
Inside a piece of paper. It read:

Final Task: Write out the prologue in the sand to attract attention. If people stop to read it, then you have completed your castaway experience.

Damn. A number of things against me.

1) The only passers by are in boats and planes.
2) High tide covers the whole beach.
3) The only other people are the natives. They can't read and want to eat me.

So what was it about the advert that appealed to me?
I'm trying to remember.
Me Mike. My name is Mike. M-i -k- e. Your name?

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