Spike Milligan

Well today I am trying to track down who I have to contact to obtain permissions to use some quotes from Spike Milligan's book The Bible, the Old Testament According to Spike Milligan
which I use in two of my chapters. ( The first use in Chapter 1, hence the need to do this now: Otherwise I will have to post chapter 1 with a blanked out line!)

According to Amazon it is Penguin, but there may be an earlier publisher: Have e-mailed Penguin to enquire.

You see writing a book isn't all fun and games!

Photo Credit: Janesdead


Anonymous said...

The photo of Spike shown is wrongly accredited. It was taken by John Claridge

Mike French said...


Thankyou for bringing this to my attention. If you can e-mail The View From Here directly with further information I will look into it.