Rabbit Holes.

Let's face it, words look boring.
Especially on the web, when you could look at pictures, movies, listen to music and play on-line.

Hmm ... let me look at this article or story on the web ... er no actually there is a half-naked girl flashing her breasts in a pop up at the top of my screen. I'll look at that instead. Pop up myself. Or ... well you get the idea. It's Alice down the rabbit hole into different worlds.

The question is, which world do you want to inhabit?

Now the hole in the ground that represents a book on the web looks, well like I said, boring, dull. But looks can be deceiving.
Fall in, read those words and POW. Instant download straight into your brain imagery, your imagination, your sexual, sensual and emotional world.

A good book gives you room for all this to happen, it gives YOU space to enter in. It doesn't patronize you or treat you like an idiot.

Now some rabbit holes can treat you like an idiot. They just want you to unzip.

The question is are you going to let them?

Photo Credit:Andrew Murray

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