Vanishing by Michelle Donahue

Mother raised a red plate from the sink and threw it to the ground. It shattered, scattering a mosaic of small red shards and soap bubbles on the white tiled floor. Lori stopped yelling. Soap bubbles covered Mother’s hands like white doctor gloves.

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Misconnect by Isabel Miles

'Hello, we're calling to make you aware of a new government-backed initiative.  You may be entitled...'  Eliot hung up.  It had been unlikely, but the phone had kept ringing all the time he'd been breaking in and that had injected a little spike of hope into his day.  Now, he looked round properly.  The couple in the living-room, their genders revealed by clothing and their intimacy by their interlocked fingers, had that look of surprise shared by all Q-bomb victims.

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The View From Here to Close

ANNOUNCEMENT: The View From Here will be closing its doors on the 1st November of this year and calling it a day.

It has been a wonderful 7 years and as we draw to a close we will be running our favourite stories and counting down our top 5 interviews and will stuff some final articles into the bag.

Thank you to everyone who read us, submitted to us and made the whole journey one we will always remember.